Policy regarding use of membership information


It shall be the general policy of FABCO that access to membership information, primarily through the FABCO membership directory but also as it may otherwise be available, shall be one of the primary benefits of FABCO membership, and as such, as a general rule, such information shall only be available to FABCO members.    


The FABCO Board may make FABCO membership information available to third parties when in its sole discretion the Board determines that doing so would serve to benefit the membership at large or materially advance one or more interests or goals of FABCO as an organization. 


FABCO members are expected to use FABCO membership information responsibly and appropriately.  The FABCO Board recognizes that FABCO is essentially a business organization.  Accordingly, the FABCO Board recognizes that the use of FABCO membership information for business and commercial purposes is generally consistent with the purpose and goals of FABCO and FABCO membership.  However, the FABCO Board is also aware of the burden of unsolicited commercial communications, and accordingly has reserved to itself: 1) the right to determine when and whether an excessive or otherwise inappropriate use of FABCO membership information has occurred, 2) the right, in such instances, to suspend or terminate a person’s right to use such information, and 3) the right to enforce the foregoing rights by legal action.  In general, the FABCO Board discourages automated, mass communications to all or a substantial portion of the membership by fax or e-mail, and will be strongly inclined to view such actions as excessive or inappropriate.